Hello! Lets chat!

Hello! Lets chat!

Hello! Welcome to my blog!
This year has so many exciting things happening for MLJ! New products, New designs and some big moves happening.
My little Joy is... well, ME. Im Janelle, 27 years old. Wife to Lewis of 8 years and Mama to two Beautiful girls, Myla Joy (see where I got the name from?) and Azalea Jane. I started this business in a tiny section of my lounge room, on a small sewing table. In 2 years I have gone from making 'gifts' for friends as a hobby, to running a full time business with 2 part time employees working together to post out a stack of orders each week (oh and I've moved up from sewing on one small table in the lounge room... ) Growing by the day, the orders, support and opportunities MLJ has had blows me away!
My original Sewing room in the back of the lounge room. 






Well anyone who knows me knows I love a good chat! This year my plan is to take a little step back from the 'making' side (Ill still be creating and making, just having a bit more help from my team!) so I can focus on the 'business side'. One thing I have learnt so much since becoming an 'accidental' BIZMAMA is I need to be apart of all areas of the business, but I dont need to DO all areas. I want to focus on my customers this year, connecting and building relationships. Instagram is a HUGE world, and one thing I have noticed is how much customers love connection!   

         .     .     

So thats why I'm creating a BLOG. I want to chat. I get so many questions sent through Instagram and emails so this blog is going to cover everything... Whats happening in the business, How I run a business at home with young kids, How I grew on instagram and even a Shop the look sections for some seriously AMAZING instagram rooms. Im so excited. 

So thank you for your love and support. Heres to an amazing 2018!

Love Janelle xx 

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