Baby buy list

Baby buy list

Baby buy list

- Janelle, My little Joy

A little list in preparation for baby on the way. This is my own personal list and why I recommend certain products, because thats what has worked for me with my first two babes. All are personal preference as to what brand or style you may like. At this stage I have not included clothing in this list :) I will attach a few 'check lists' I have found helpful on some websites which may help you.  

For the baby: 


  • I loved having swaddles, even if your baby doesn’t like to be swaddled, they are great for extra blankets (and light weight ones too!), pram/capsule covers, feeding covers (if you prefer to cover up a little) and they are also great to put down and lay baby on (on the couch, playmats, beds etc…).
  • I also loved BLACK swaddles to cover up the pram and give a little bit of black out darkness for bub! I grabbed some from baby bunting.

Sleep suits

  • I personally prefer the ‘love to dream’ sleep swaddles. I found its great for the baby to have their hands up next to their face to self soothe and have a little wriggle, while still feeling ‘secure’. For Myla we used other types of grow suits that were more like ‘cocoons’, but she would always wriggle her fingers out the top (cute…just not as practical).


  Baby Comforter

  • This is completely preference. These are the 2 I have used previously – Mylas was a bamboo blankey/teddy which felt AMAZING, but not dummy attachment. Azaleas was a Kippins flamingo which was great for dummy attachment. This baby we are trying a new one from Willing Barkis (over in Ireland) and I'm pretty excited for it to arrive!!!

Baby carrier 

I have used a few carriers in my parenting over the years. I am PERSONALLY not a major 'baby wearer' as I am a very busy person and I like to have my space when getting things done. Thankfully my bubs have been great sleepers and allowed this for me. The carriers I have used and loved are:

  • Ergo sport (qld is super hot! so this fabric was great for me!) The ERGO allowed me to wear baby on my front facing inwards or outwards! I picked this one up from gumtree for about $60 second hand. 
  • Stretchy Wrap - great for the earlier months. They can be fiddly to work out but once you do they are amazing! So many beautiful ones online too! 


 Baby Camera

  • I never wanted to be a ‘helicopter mama’ and hover over my child while they slept, but Myla became a tummy sleeper after a few weeks and a video monitor gave me piece of mind! We used a Uniden one, but had a lot of trouble with the one we had. This baby we have the Lollipop Baby Camera, which is both stylish and practical and runs through your phone which is soo great – meaning hubby can watch too and we can also have a little ‘nanny spy camera’ when we go out later on down the track (hehe a bit sneaky but why not!)

Baby breathing/heart monitor

  • Another ‘helicopter’ moment I have is this one! Same again- because Myla was a tummy sleeper, this gave me piece of mind! Basically it sounds an alarm if baby stops breathing or is having issues of the same sort. We used the Angelcare one.

Terry towelling / burp cloths

  • I am HUGE on this one! We bought quite a few packs (maybe had 30 in total in the end as I was given heaps of personalised ones at my baby shower also!- I would say 15-20 is fine). These are used mostly for ‘spew rags’ pretty much! Chuck them under bubs head at night, on the playmat/bouncer/rocker/FLOOR CUSHION ;p, over your shoulder, under baby when burping… seriously… AMAZING.

Other things for baby

  • Bassinet/cot sheets and blankets depending on season.
  • Bassinet/cot mattress protectors - MUST 
  • Bath cloths (just some little ones from kmart are great!)
  • Bath lounge/seat - great for bub to lay in shallow water so you can wash easily. 
  • Change mat (portable ones for the nappy bag-either washable or disposable are great!)
  • Nappy bags (put those stinky ones in and shut them tight!)
  • Nappies and wipes- all personal preference – we are going to try THANKYOU brand this time round! Ill let you know how I go!
  • Dummy/Dummy chain- If you choose to go down this line, its another personal preference- we used Avent for Myla, and the old style white Dummy for Azalea- which we LOVED-big teat, easy to find and stayed in her mouth easy. They have been discontinued that exact style, but now have come out as a stylish cute version called BIBS dummy. Many online stores stock them now!
  • Portable cot- great when going to friends houses and holidays! 
  • Thermometer – we had one where you scan it over the forehead- easiest way to check a newborns temp! Loved it.
  • Pram fan – for hot summer months!
  • Car shades + car mirror
  • Baby Hair and Nail kit
  • Sound machine – some white noise is great! We have a Gro company Owl who plays soft white noise and music, but our baby monitor also plays music.


  • Nappy rash cream
  • Bath wash/shampoos etc
  • Massage oil
  • Gripewater/infants friend (for wind… a few drops and it helps their tummy settle during feeds


  • This one is hard- as some may breastfeed exclusively. I chose to have a few bottles on hand JUST in case- Which came in handy very quickly as we had major feeding issues. The bottles we loved most were Tommee Tippee and Medela. 

Big ticket items: 

I always recommend looking up second hand items on gumtree or marketplace for some of the big ticket items! You can pick up a bargain. 

  • Nappy bin- For my first two girls I had a smell proof nappy bin, which was amazing! We sold that years ago, so this time round we may just have a normal small bin, and empty it more often as our bin outside is easily accessible.Cot
  • Bassinet – this is complete preference, I personally love having a little bassinet in our room near my bed so I can get up to baby at night easier. They usually stay in the bassinet for around 10-16 weeks depending on your babys growth.
  • Play mat – just something nice for bubs to lay on and even lay under (having a playgym over them is good too!)
  • Bouncer/rocker – I personally LOVE a rocker that rocks from side to side as a lot of babies tend to not enjoy front and back rocking (some don’t mind at all- Myla was fine, Azalea didn’t like front to back rocking). We decided to get a NUNA CURV this time round. We picked up a second hand one for $130 on gumtree (brand new they are around $380).    
  • BIG GIANT CUSHION… say maybe like a round floor cushion ;p = So this is the reason I started my business- I wanted something both my girls could enjoy. A cushion for Myla to sit and read books, but also a cushion my baby could snuggle down into and have cat naps or be happy laying around… Babies feel super snug in the floor cushions…so this is obviously a MUST on my own list.                            

  • Pram- Total preference for this one! I am a pram snob! I have been through 4 prams! (Rozibaby, strider compact, icandy and now a baby jogger Versa). Im super happy with my versa- its light, easy to move around and fold up and has all the extras I need! Unfortunately though, they are discontinued- so only second hand ones for this one!
  • Car seats vs capsules – I decided to have both. I borrowed a friends capsule, but now I have my own. I found they are great for non disturbance and hook into the pram too! They can last anywhere from 12weeks-10 months (roughly…my guess…)- my girls stayed in theirs for 7 months!
  • Breast pump- This is really something best to put money aside and wait to buy once you have bubs. I ended up borrowing a friends when desperate and I had so many issues I went a bought a double swing medela pump – Which I HIGHLY recommend if you pump often!
  • Nappy handbag! - I have been through too many! You want one that fits everything but isnt a suitcase! I have two which I love: Mimco nappy bag- its big but its got great room AND my new favourite is Nappy bag- this is the LUXURY handbag! Perfectly sized and sooo perfectly stylish with SO much room for everything you need!                     



  • Change table – My husband is a builder and made ours with beautiful written carving to our first born. Lots of storage under it in baskets which is super easy!
  • Feeding chair- I LOVED having a feeding chair in the room, even if bubs slept in our room at night, they have always slept in their during the day, so a chair is great for those quiet time feeds (especially with siblings running around!) – we got one from Vinnies for $5 and redid it for about $55.
  • Lamp – something soft dimmed is great!
  • Baby mobile for above the bed- now this can be great once they are a bit bigger and you want them to just chill in bed until they fall asleep… though I found my girls stare for ages at them and kept them awake for too long! So I moved it above the change table the first 2 months.
  • Nappy bin- For my first two girls I had a smell proof nappy bin, which was amazing! We sold that years ago, so this time round we may just have a normal small bin, and empty it more often as our bin outside is easily accessible.
  • Laundry basket- for dirty washing. 
  • ALL THE PRETTIES!!! Style and decorate! ENJOY.



  • Breast pads – Washable or disposable, it really depends on your flow and what you like. Im going to be stocking both this time. We have some gorgeous washable ones from MISS MAE STUDIO.
  • Maternity singlets/bras - I loved BONDS ones best personally! 
  • Nipple cream – Lansinol is your BEST FRIEND - mostly as a protective, if you do get cracked nipples then finding a good healing nipple cream is ideal (mine unfortunately got so bad I needed prescribed cream)- but I’ve been recommended MooGoo MudderUdder balm. 
  • Nipple shields (IF YOU NEED)- I needed these badly! Unforuntately I had (yes had…my whole life, until a few months after having myla… now im normal hahaha) inverted nipples, so my nipples were so severely crackes, cut and blistered my midwife had never seen it so bad before. I was pumping bloody milk every feed…which meant baby…wee and poop was red tinged… fun.
  • Movicol (stool softener) – YEP we are going there. Vaginal birth, or C section… your first #2 is going to be TERRIFYING… even if its not that bad… youll be a bit scared, so this helps so much!!!!
  • Ural – I have just been told this trick! Take some and it helps with the after birth STING when you wee each time…and the sting can be… yeh BAD.
  • Biodegradable wipes- Speaking of sting… Heres a little tip for you… toilet paper after giving birth=Not pleasant. So I picked up some bamboo towelettes (needs to be biodegradable and flushable) and I would have a spray bottle next to the toilet and spray my wipes each wipe. Another option is spraying ‘there’ while doing a wee… it really does help!!
  • Maternity pads/underwear/adult nappies! – so heres one for you to decide. Ive always picked up some big ugly nanna undies from big w, and used maternity pads for after birth… they weren’t comfortable personally and always bunched up…plus I felt very unclean and gross. I have recently posted about ‘Adult Nappies’ and had some amazing feedback FLOOD my messages. Countless messages about how great they are. Comfortable, easy to dispose of and leak proof! SO… yes I'm going to be packing both! Ive been told TENA and also DEPEND are both easy brands from woolworths you can pick up!


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