Azalea Birth Story 2015

Azalea Birth Story 2015

Azalea Jane Spies - Birth story (written 2015)

Last few weeks of pregnancy were tough physically with aches and pains in all my joints and pelvic area. Braxton hicks were becoming more uncomfortable and very regular.


I went into the hospital and requested to have a stretch and sweep. I was mid and 1-2cm dilated. Cervix was still long.


Another stretch and sweep. 3cm dilated, soft.


Stretch and sweep. 2-3cm, soft, long cervix still.

I drove home from the hospital after my 3rd stretch and swep at 5pm and had a few contractions. Contractions continued all night 6-10 mins apart, mild pain, short but regular.



Contractions fizzled off throughout the morning, 6-25mins apart very irregular, still mild. By 1:30pm I started to become a bit down and disheartened about labour and the process. I called my best friend Jess to come over at 3pm to keep me entertained, and contractions started back up regularly, and were becoming more painful and much longer. I moved to the fit ball to help, and Jess took Myla for a walk while we waited for Jane ( my mother in law ) and mum to get there. Once Jess left the house at 5pm, my contractions became a lot more painful with me needing a lot of focus and breathing and even noises to get through. Everyone arrived to our house around 6pm when the contractions were becoming unbearable. I remember thinking- I need to get from the house, to the car without a contraction. But I had to say goodbye to Myla and didnt want to give up cuddling here... so I didn't make it to the car without another one (right in front of Jess's husband Greg...sorry)

The drive to the hospital was horrible. A few times I thought I needed to push. Screamed through some and felt like I was going to break the car, they hurt that much. We arrived at the hospital around 6:40pm, wheel chair to the birth suite where I had contractions on the way up, I didn't even make it through the doors before the next one hit which was double on top of each other as I sat in the wheel chair. I asked for gas straight away, then went in the shower for 10/15 mins. I have a fear of not dilating, so I asked for them to check me. I was 7cm and waters bulging. I asked if we should break my waters (this is where she said " yes, but its very intense... ummm yeh, I know..but it makes it faster right?!?!) and so she did.

I headed back in the shower on the fit ball, had a few contractions and wasn't coping, I had the gas, but I was wanting something stronger, they were so painful and intense. So I cried out in prayer to God and prayed "lord please, she needs to come now, I need to push her out now please". The next contraction I rolled off the ball and fell to the floor and started to push. Her head came out in one or two back to back contractions and then we had to wait for the next one to push her body out. I remember my legs feeling funny and hurt a lot. Next contraction she was out and up on my chest! It was amazing. I pushed placenta out by myself also about 5-10 mins later and mum cut the cord. She fed for 40 mins straight away.

Less then a day mild pre labour and 4 hour active labour. This birth was amazing. Incredibly full on and hard, but so not what I expected! It happened so fast I couldn't be happier! I feel so blessed and content with how it went. Azalea Jane Spies 25/09/2015 7:17pm 50cm Long. 35cm head. 8lb 13oz. 

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