A Mothers Hope: Part SEVEN -  Searching for Hope

A Mothers Hope: Part SEVEN - Searching for Hope

So just how far does a person go to find a solution? Is the ends of the world ever too far? 
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
As a mother trying to save her baby's life, I was willing to go to the ends of the earth for a cure....and I did. After doing some research ourselves, we started to call overseas doctors. One doctor in London wasn't much help stating that there wasn't much that hadn't already been done and to let her go blind or even worse, pass away. So I called a doctor in the US where I had read that sometimes they can remove Hemangiomas, by one doctor cutting and the other doctor would immediately laser the blood vessels closed to avoid haemorrhaging. Dr Wayner and Dr Sun were very helpful and extremely interested in Janelle's case, they were world leaders in the treatment of massive Hemangioma. Dr Wayner asked for all the case history to be sent to them and they would consult with others to see what could be done. I went to the hospital and signed release paper to access her history, arranged a courier and sent it all with a prayer.....then I waited. We had looked into flights to Arkansas, talked about staying with Dr Wayner and his wife and what length of time I would be overseas... but it wasn't to be. Not long after Dr Wayner called me with the devastating news that it was just too late. The swelling that would come after the operation would put too much pressure on her eyes and she would definitely go blind, a risk they weren't willing to take.
He did however discuss an experimental drug they were trying in the US called Alpha Interferon, which had the possibility to shrink the Hemangiomas. It had been used for patients with leukaemia but only five children had tried it for birthmarks and one had died. Janelle would be the sixth in the world, youngest ever to try it and of course first in Australia. It was basically our last resort. We needed to get government approval just to bring it in the country and at $100 a dose we needed the government to pay for it. Janelle would start her treatment at two doses a day, then one dose for about six to nine months, if it was successful. You do the maths, that's a lot of money for parents with three little children and only one income. So our doctors agreed to apply to get it and we thought we had a good chance, as Janelle passed all their criteria. She had to be life threatened, not have any other options, not have the drug available in Australia and have it show some sort of success in the past. It would take a couple of weeks to get an answer and but we didn't know if we had that long.
One day during that time, I was carrying Janelle in the hospital hall and when I looked down she was asleep and all her Hemangioma's had shrunk; her face appeared normal. I stood there yelling for the doctors who came running. My mind hoped that this was the miracle that we had been praying for and God had shrunk these birthmarks. However as the doctors took her limp body from my arms it was actually because she had no blood pressure, so the swelling had receded. The doctor was checking for a heart beat and about to press the code red button, a red light that appeared in the hall when a child had passed and needed CPR. Then right before our eyes, the swelling grew back the way it was and Janelle came back to us and woke up. This happened twice and the doctors had no explanation for me at the time, but in my heart I was preparing myself to say goodbye to my little girl.
Within a short period of time the government responded to say that Janelle was approved and we could have the drug sent to Australia. At last a tiny glimmer of hope! We signed papers to say we were aware that Alpha Interferon was an experimental drug and in the event of Janelle's death, we would not sue the government or the hospital. It was tough signing those papers but I had a strange peace about this decision and after all.... it was our only decision left.
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