A Mothers Hope: PART EIGHT - Hope is on its way

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They say when you are walking through hell, not to stop.... Just keep walking! I was walking, but I was growing tired.
Matthew 11:28  Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
Janelle was now six months old and we lived day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. We had jumped so many hurdles, climbed a multitude of mountains and managed to overcome everything thrown at us. But with every new morning you didn't know what the day would bring, would it be a valley or a summit? Patients came and went, parents would pass the time chatting then leave, we always seemed to be left behind still living at the hospital. I tried to remain positive by thinking there was always someone on that children's ward who was worse off then we were and I would try to pray for other children as well as my own.
One day a mother arrived and her baby was in the cot opposite. I quietly assessed her darling, little, sleeping angel from the other side of the room and decided they were worse off than us. He was about four months old and his head was shaped like a light bulb, almost alien-like due to fluid swelling his brain. How awful for that mother as his life was obviously threatened too. I heard the nurses discussing other heart and organ conditions that just couldn't be cured. I basically was sad for how he looked and the prognosis for his life. He was much worse off than us and we were blessed. Later that day his mum and I got talking and too my surprise she confessed to sitting there thinking the opposite! How we were much worse off than them. She had come to this conclusion due to the fact that she could hide his disfigurement with a hat, but I could not hide Janelle's face. We decided we were both blessed because our babies were gorgeous. Parents are very vulnerable in the isolated world called hospital, and sometimes the stress can do strange things to people.
With the Alpha Interferon on a flight of hope to Australia, my anticipation was growing to see the end of this horrible journey I was on. In the corridor outside my room was a pay phone and occasionally I would call a friend to share the latest news, catch up on town news and basically feel less lonely for a little while. Visitors were rare but my parents were making the trip in to spend some time with us. My mother had just gone through cancer of the thyroid recently, so it was lovely to get to see them. After their arrival we went to the downstairs cafeteria for lunch together, I took Janelle with me so they could spend time with their granddaughter. While we were eating a woman approached us and asked about Janelle's condition, questioning if they were Hemangiomas. She went on to say her young son was in the hospital and had Hemangiomas in his stomach area. She told us how her Doctors were getting a drug from America called Alpha Interferon and that it was experimental. To say I was blown away is definitely an understatement, why didn't my doctors know there was another child with the same condition as my daughters in the hospital. Why didn't they tell me that he was also about to try this experimental drug. My doctors should have been talking to their doctors! After some discussion we exchanged ward and room numbers, and the lady returned to her table. Wow, I had finally found someone who could relate to what we were going through. I walked up to the counter to take our plates back and noticed that the women approached my parents and chatted for a few more minutes. When I returned to the ward after mum and dad had left, I called by to visit the lady once again, however she or her child wasn't there. Thinking that I got the ward number incorrect I went downstairs to the foyer and asked them to search the hospital for this little boy.... there was no record of another child with Hemangiomas. Back on the ward I told the nurses and they investigated a bit themselves and came up with nothing, so security was alerted. The concern now was that Janelle was in risk of danger and a security guard was placed on the ward. The next day the mystery was solved and the matron came and told me this woman was actually on my ward and had been planning on taking Janelle! Her baby was severely disabled from a near drowning and she had overheard all Janelle's medical information while I was talking on the pay phone. Later my parents told me she had asked what Janelle was like with strangers and if she was a happy baby.
Praise God there was a flight on its way with my hope of a cure on board.... because there wasn't much more I could take.

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